Do you want a gain in muscle and loss body fat without the use of worthless supplements, drugs, or diet fads?

Fitness Renaissance provides information about fat loss, fitness, and bodybuilding the natural, drug-free way.

Knowledgeable experts share our philosophy of drug-free bodybuilding on the subject. Featured here is a picture of the book written by Bob Gallucci.

The time frame from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s was the “Iron Age of Bodybuilding.” Only small gyms, where mostly male populations lifted weights, was the typical bodybuilding setting. The followers of bodybuilding were a small group of cultlike members. Competitive bodybuilders shared a great camaraderie and traveled hundreds of miles to vie for trophies in bodybuilding competitions.

Those years were part of a non-drug tested era. Bob Gallucci was a bodybuilder who refused to use steroids and felt like “The Last Drug-Free Body Builder.” He wrote a book with that title expound on his position.

The proper approach, to nutrition and training, makes hormones, steroids, diet drugs and other unnatural substances unnecessary for development of a great body. People who benefit by what we offer are those interested in a better body, optimal health, and personal growth. The information provided helps anyone training for bodybuilding or fitness contests as well as those seeking to tone up their bodies and lose weight. Click on this link for some free information.


Why Diets Do Not Work

The war on obesity has been lost. Dieting has not made fat go away. As a result, there is extensive “collateral damage” that includes poor health, discrimination, eating disorders, self-hatred, and body and food preoccupation. The Fitness Renaissance theory is in line with a new peace development called Health at Every Size.

Principles include respecting the body’s diversity, compassionate self-care, and critical awareness. Simply dieting will cause a short-term weight loss. The chance of maintaining the weight loss for more than five years is about five percent. Yo-yo dieting has some very negative consequences. Ironically, people who lose weight and regain it are on a path to long-term weight gain. This cycle has also been linked to inflammation, higher blood pressure, insulin resistance, and heart disease. This Fitness Renaissance News Letter has some important information about losing weight and feeding muscle.

People, failing to maintain weight loss, are not as likely to exercise as overweight people who do not suffer from an internalized weight stigma. Eating should be done in a flexible manner, attuned to values of pleasure that honor the internal cues of appetite, satiety, and hunger. Being physically active and moving the body should be enjoyable. Good health is best realized independent from considerations of size. People of all sizes need to address health by adopting healthy behavior.


Training Routines

Men and women traditionally have different bodybuilding goals. Men want big arms and chests. The focus of their routine is often bicep curls and the bench press. Women concentrate on beefing up gluts. Squats are the best exercise for that.

Both men and women need to integrate basic exercises for the whole body to achieve a balanced, smooth musculature that is strong and less prone to injuries. Some of the basic exercises include squats, rowing, and rope jumping.

Women need not worry about looking like a guy. Women who end up looking like that have done so by taking a large quantity of male hormones. Muscles develop along the curves of the body. Women do not turn into men, but rather new version of themselves, shapely and less fat.

Bodybuilding Resources

One of the authors of the programs listed below talks about the benefits of communicating with like minded people. That is why we offer this list. Not only do these programs provide bodybuilding techniques but discuss nutrition and provide information about supplements.

  • David Grisaffi has a program for firming and flattening abs. He shares what he has learned about work ethic, supplementation, and nutrition.
  • A Fitness Renaissance Newsletter dealing with supplement use.
  • Bodybuilding Revealed Will Brink shares scientifically proven methods, that combined with hard work, will accelerate strength and muscle growth.
  • Christian Finn presents information about a precise and individualized training system he calls Muscle Evo that takes the guesswork out of planning a bodybuilding routine.
  • Testimonials from people who had heeded Fitness Renaissance advice.


Personal Growth

Achieving the balance needed to complete personal development requires work to build the body inside and out. The mind programs the body for success. The body houses the mind and provides the stamina and strength to achieve all that is possible.

A sound body allows one to perform well. Without it, the claim to complete personal development cannot be made. Optimal health means the best one can be spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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Taking gym efforts to the next level yields even better results. A proven eating regime and training program that includes a specialized, balanced nutrition approach, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training is an effective way to do so. Brainpower and wonderful personal qualities do not compensate for poor health.

We are not advocating doing what Mr. Olympia does to gain muscle to attain a balanced physical, mental, and spiritual approach to health. The complete person seeks to improve on many levels. Neglecting any aspect prevents a complete base from which success in all areas is possible. We wish to point out building a great physique is part of becoming a complete individual. We suggest the Global Health and Fitness website that can be accessed by clicking this link.
Other reading suggestions include:

Real health is as much an internal as it is an external condition. A lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and exercise that strengthens the spirit, mind, and body provides more happiness, greater health, and higher energy levels. The resources listed here come from people who have learned through experience and wanted to share what they know.

More specifically, resistance training has effects on the musculoskeletal system that contributes to functional abilities maintenance and prevents disabilities such as loss of body mass, osteoporosis, and lower-back pain. Recent research has shown positive effects on insulin resistance, blood pressure, and other cancer, heart disease, and diabetes risk factors.