Cookbooks & recipe books: Do you know of any good bodybuilding or fitness-friendly recipe books?

Dear Tom,

I recently purchased your Burn The Fat E-book - it’s great. Thanks for putting all that info in one place for us. I have one question though: Your e-book has the sample menus and menu templates, but you didn’t include any recipes. Are you planning to write a recipe book? Or, can you recommend a good source for healthy recipes?


Monica P.

I’ve been thinking about doing a recipe book, but I would need a lot of help to pull that off because I’m more or less clueless in the kitchen.

So, because I’m “culinarily-challenged,” here are some other people’s resources I’d recommend checking out:

NEW! Gourmet Nutrition by John Berardi and John K. Williams *****
John Berardi has just released one of the best weight loss, bodybuilding and fitness-friendly cookbooks I have ever read in my entire life. Trust me on this one – it’s a winner! You’ll NEVER be bored with your diet ever again! Just go to John’s site and click on the products link, then click on the ‘Gourmet Nutrition’ link

Stella’s Kitchen by Stella Juarez *****
NOTE: You can see the entire table of contents & list of recipes in “Stellas Kitchen” AND get a free sample download of this cookbook compliments of Dave and Laree draper here:

Muscle Meals by John Romano ***

Lite Lifestyle by Laura Creavalle ****

A Taste of Club Creavalle by Laura Creavealle ****

The Low Carb Rule & Recipe Book by Chris Aceto *****

The Fat Burning Diet Cookbook by Jay Robb ****

Eating For Life by Bill Phillips ****

All of the above are available from or your local bookstore.

EAT – supportive nutrition for the body you love by Phil Kaplan ****
Available from:

Last, but not least, download a copy of MUSCLE RECIPES. This is a FREE recipe e-book provided compliments of Will Brink and the crew over at Internet Publications. In case you’re not familiar with Will, he’s the author of the best selling e-books, Diet Supplements Revealed and Muscle Building Nutrition).

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