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“I just wanted to thank you for putting out such well-informed advice. I am a Licensed  Certified Nutritionist and have been involved for some time in the bodybuilding and sports nutrition industry.   I have just finished reading through some of your Q&A’s and I can?t tell you how refreshing it is to see someone who actually knows what they are talking about giving good solid information.  So many people believe the advertisement-based articles as the end-all-be-all of information or the reckless half-informed advice givers as “the authorities” that it makes it   difficult to educate people and to create a healthy way of   living. I am glad that you are able to reach so many people through your fitness newsletters and  articles.    Thank you  again.”

Jill Dollaske, CN
Elements of Health

It is such an incredible relief to discover someone who is looking for truth (“what works”) in a minefield of lies and half-truths. You are definitely a pioneer in your field and a true trailblazer, not being afraid to go against the popular trends.

John Deegan

Tom, you are like a consumer advocate for what is happening in the fitness industry!  You are the Ralph Nader of consumer rights when it comes to the truth in fitness


Glen Greer

Coral Gables Fitness

I was so surprised and very pleased by such a prompt answer to my question! Thank you for your time and your wonderful website!  You are a role model amongst the so-called fitness gurus who are more concerned with making money than putting people on the right track

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Morgan Armitage


KUDOS to you Tom, you have done what so many people fail to ever do in this industry, something quite unique indeed…TELL THE TRUTH! :)

As a former trainer, and now an internet wellness entrepreneur, I have always strived to ‘enlighten’ people and share basic truths with them, that when followed produce powerful results, and try to be a ‘beacon of light’ in a sometimes dark, secretive, mysterious, and flat out WEIRD industry ‘shrouded’ in HYPE, LIES, and DECEPTION.


You my friend, are leading the way, talking the talk (and a truthful one) and definitely walking the walk!  You have a new fan here, and you can count on me to share my discovery with friends, associates, and business partners who DESERVE to know the TRUTH about fitness, diets, supplementation, etc.


I commend you for your integrity, ethics and bravery, and THANK YOU for what you stand for and are doing for so many people who are so confused from all the media ‘whirlwind’!

Yours in abundant HEALTH and PROSPERITY!

Jared Maidenberg
World Wide Wellness Solutions, Inc.

BodyBalance Wellness.com

Thanks for the great advice, Tom. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. You continue to be one of the coolest guys in fitness. Your head never
swells and I think that’s why people gravitate to you.


Keep it up, Tom.  You’re like one voice of truth speaking in a crowd that’s screaming B.S. … It’s helpful to us rookies that are just looking for some honest advice on getting into shape.”

 Kent Forrest

“Your candid advice is very refreshing in this day and age when people are passing promotions off as advice.”

Robert McCarson

“Your website and BFFM book are very refreshing in the world of fitness, bodybuilding and fat loss.  You seem to be one of the few (maybe the only one) that “tells it like it is” instead of trying to make a quick buck on rip-off products.”

Dave Mullen

I just needed to take a minute to say thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and expertise in the fitness field. Those of us starting out could easily drown in the sea of crap out there.

I’ve spent more hours than I am prepared to admit, wading through the web looking for something, anything. There are nuggets out there but sometimes I am so cynical by the time I find one, I can’t help but assume it’s crap too.

So far, your huge collection of knowledge and insight on bodybuilding and fitness is unmatched. And it’s a very nice touch to include all of the motivators and things too. It’s nice to be reminded that life isn’t ALL about the body fat ratio. (though sometimes it seems like it)


“Hey Tom, First of all, thanks so much for your “Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets” newsletters.  Your articles are absolutely awesome and invaluable! I often wonder, how a busy person like yourself finds the time to write such extensive articles on a regular basis.  Please keep them coming – I enjoy reading them immensely.”

Norm Pelland

“I can always rely on you to give opinions on topics without putting too much of a slant on things. I think I speak for all your readers when I say your wealth of knowledge and insight is an invaluable resource.”

Chris Dockrey

“I just read your article on the importance of values in the fitness industry(BFS newsletter #29). I agree very much with you on this – weight loss does not come from a bottle. It’s nice to know that there are a few scrupulous people still around. (I hear Dr. Phil even has his own line of “diet bars”) lol…….Keep up the good work..”


“Thank you for telling the truth about cardio, bodybuilding and nutrition. Knowing that you aren’t pushing the latest, greatest lose-weight-fast-for-only-$30.00-a-bottle scam, does wonders for your credibility, which I believe is already very high!”

Melanie Haight

“Thank you so much for your honest, no bull fitness information. I really feel I can trust you.”

Linda Nash

“Your website & Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets newsletter are fantastic! You really do set yourself apart from the rest of the bunch!  Keep up the great work and don’t ever stop!”

David Anderson

“No hype, just fact… You’re “the man” as far as I’m concerned for honest, educated bodybuilding, fitness and fat loss advice. Everything that I’ve read of yours coincides with my own 30+ years of experience and beliefs.”

Sincerely, Justin Fallible
Founder – ‘Florida Live!’ friends/singles group
“Your ‘down south online’ place to meet”


“I am a regular reader of your Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets E-mail newsletter and really enjoy the web site.  It is nice to see someone provide honest information without trying to force their products down your throat.  That tends to make me skeptical about anything they say or recommend.”

Michael Ryan

“Thank you for your reply to my email. It’s extremely pleasing to know that someone with as high a profile as yourself will take the time to answer the questions of us ordinary guys.    I corresponded years ago with Reg Park, the few times I could get hold of him, and like Reg, you are really the exception to the rule – it’s very comforting to know there are people out there that are still on ground level in spite of fame or status.   I’ve lost 23 kg and my wife 12 kg since we read your first fat loss article 7 months ago, and I also gained centimetres in muclemass. To be precise, I’m a totally different person, and life feels good. Thank you once again for all the info that you share with us through your always interesting and entertaining newsletters and website”

South Africa

“Dear Tom, Thanks alot! It is so refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is, and like it’s meant to be: No frills, no sugar coating or bull***t, just plain old common sense. I do a few small local Natural bodybuilding shows here in New Zealand and look forward to using the knowledge you have aquired over the years and that you share on your web pages. Good luck with your future endeavures, and may you go from strength to strength.

Lance E.
New Zealand

“I read your website quite often and I am also subscribed to your freeBodybuilding & Fitness Secrets (BFS) e-mail newsletter service. There is nothing like it on the web.”

Paul Boelens,

“Tom, your site and newsletter have been very helpful and motivational to me as a natural athlete.

As a bodybuilder wanting to succeed, there are times when we get wrapped up in all the hype and ideas that circulate around the Internet and in the muscle mags.

At times, reading too much can actually become more of a distraction and less than helpful, at least for those that of us that sometimes have difficultly sifting out the good from the bad.

The entire supplement industry has such a major influence in everything you read today.  Your writings are a breath of fresh air.

So, what am I getting at – just that I appreciate your straightforward way of dealing with the topics of nutrition and bodybuilding.  Anyway, thanks a million, and keep up the good work!”

Rick Cartwright

“Dear Mr. Venuto: You are by far the most sensible commentator on fitness and bodybuilding I have ever read.  And that is saying a lot.  Keep up the good work. I am tired of the supplement-selling, hard-core, narcissistic, roided up idiots on the web.  You are a breath of fresh air.”


“I really appreciate your sincerity and the earnest effort you take to reach out to the common people like me.”

Yee Dibiao

“Wow man. Great site! Very informative, to the point and no crap!”

John Anderson

“Thank you Tom. This is without a doubt the greatest place on the Internet to find the truths about bodybuilding and fitness. We all grow tired of the other stuff we’ve found.”

Brian Messier

“With all the garbage that is posted on the web on a daily basis, it is refreshing to recieve your bodybuilding and fitness newsletter. I always look forward to it because you signify the way I want to acheive my results, through hard work, not hard drugs.  I applaud your efforts. Keep the interesting articles coming!”


“I would like to say thank you for your wonderful ‘breath of fresh air’ information. It is the first  website I have encountered that is straight forward, full of common sense, and has allowed me to make the necessary calculations and adjustment for a healthy diet.”

Kristel hiku

“Dear Tom, I just read your current Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets monthly newsletter and you have some VERY awesome information in it – not just for fitness, but for motivation too.  You have truly inspired me and motivated me to step out of my comfort zone.  Keep up the good work. ”

Angelia Thomas

“I think you have one of the top 3 bodybuilding and fitness sites on the entire web. I read your site everyday and so far I have lost 20 lbs. Your site has helped me lose this weight. Thank You.”

Kang Jackson

“After wading through tons of ill-written garbage, I’m happy to have discovered your site and articles–I find your practical and positive approach toward fitness and life in general extremely motivating.”

R. Kalhorn

“Tom, I just wanted to say “Thank You” for offering such a website. I have been searching a long time for such advice as that which you present here – advice on strength training and nutrition that is DRUG-FREE. The natural way.

In my attempts to re-familiarize myself with weight training I have found the various articles both on the web and in print form to be mind-boggling, especially for a beginner like myself.

There is such a push on the supplements that they almost make it sound like goals and results cannot be achieved unless you indulge yourself in their products.

The bodybuilders of the past did it naturally, so why can’t we? I am very happy to have found your website & BFS E-zine and I truly look forward to re-educating myself in both weight training and nutrition by becoming a regular visitor to your site. Once again, Thanks Tom.”

Dave Goodrich

“Hello Tom.  Thanks for your inspirational, BS-free newsletters:  Your criticisms of fat-burning products are so true. Not only do many magazines make money from selling useless products using false claims, but also that the magazines *themselves* are useless products selling themselves by making false claims.

How many times have I looked at magazines and seen the same old articles dressed up with different photos of ripped models? Every issue will have one or more of the following:

* Carry on drinking beer and still lose that gut!
* Eat what you want and still get ripped for the beach in 12 weeks!
* 10 hot sex tips to drive your partner wild!
Etc, etc.

Notice how similar they are to women’s magazines that promote weight-loss products and/or diets next to recipes for sweets of the type ‘death by chocolate’, nudging their readers along with “go on! treat  yourself – you deserve it!” messages.

The result for readers of both men’s health and women’s magazines? They see-saw backwards and forwards between mutually exclusive goals  (drinking beer and getting ripped, eating chocolate cake and slimming), never make any progress (of course they don’t) and therefore keep on buying the product (the magazine) to satisfy the following needs:

a) The need to keep reassuring themselves that their unhealthy lifestyle is okay because the magazine they buy ‘proves’ it’s okay

b) The need to find that that holy grail, that alchemic advice, that will achieve the impossible.

Thanks again for cutting through the hype and the lies to tell it how it really is.”


“Hi Tom, thank you so much for answering my email. I recently discovered your web site and have been reading the Free B.F.S. newsletters and I just want you to know that I think your newsletters and the information you provided on the web are amazingly wonderful.

I’ve looked at many other health/fitness/bodybuilding sites, but yours is the best.  Not only does your site provide good objective information, it also helps one to develop positive thinking & attitudes and to be very motivated.

Your newsletters are quality reading materials and the contents in every newlsetter issue are informative, helpful and powerful.  Thank you so much.”

Virginia H

“I just wanted to say thanks for putting together such a great newsletter. I find your discussions to be informative and well-balanced. ”

Lance King

“Hello Tom!  Your Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets E-zines have not only been very informative but superbly inspiring as well. I’ve learned many things from them. I also admire your dedication, unselfishly sharing your knowledgeand wisdom in the science of fitness.  Thank you very much not only for the brutally honest information you’ve shared and the knowledge and wisdom imparted, but also for the motivation and inspiration.”

Joey Bustamante, Phillipines

“Just wanted to compliment you on your wide choices of topics to read and on your “common sense” writing style.  Your text content clearly brings knowledge & experience to the various health, nutrition, and weightlifting issues. I am gaining invaluable information from your website and respectfully appreciate your efforts to share, with others, what you’ve learned.”

Denise Bell

“Tom, I came across your web site on my day off while doing some work at home.  I wish I’d found your site years ago!  It’s refreshing to find a credible referenced health related site on line.

I find your answers to come across as honest, unbiased and informed.  Thanks for answering so many of the questions I’ve had for so long.  I look forward to spreading the word to friends and co-workers about your informative web site as well future visits of my own!”

Healthy Regards,
Kevin Hickey

“I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration that your email newsletter and your website have given me.  You are truly one of the best out there in the industry.”

Thanks Again,
Kris Lieber

“Tom. Just wanted to thank you for all of your great information. What a wonderful resource! I have used your information not only to improve the quality of my workouts and diet, but to help several other people as well. You not only answer many burning questions about fitness and bodybuilding, you offer very motivating resources as well.”

Jeff  Klass

My wife has especially appreciated the article on self image and self-sabotage in Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets Newsletter #19.  It has helped her lose over 30 pounds and more fit than she’s ever been. She’s sent the article to dozens of people in need of this type of information. Your new friend,”

Kelly John Walker, M.S.

?Finally! I found a straight-shooting natural bodybuilding website!?

Mark Stackhouse

?Thank you for creating an informational web site that is not trying to sell me a supplement?

Aaron Van

?Tom Venuto tells it like it is. He calls a spade a spade.?

Tina Juan,
Tina Juan Fitness, Manila Philippines

?Great site Tom! I wish I’d come across it years ago. I admire your honesty, and only wish there were more people out there with knowledge like yours who weren’t just trying to sell something.?

Ben Porter

“Tom, your site is easily the most intelligent place of its kind on the net. Definitely required reading!”

Mary Jane Beck

?I want to congratulate you on your unselfish work, helping people with information on how to improve themselves.?

Johan Bester

?Thanks for answering all my questions. Your web site is a wealth of information, and I intend to take full advantage of the information you have so selflessly offered. Thanks for the inspiration!?

Sean Ohlinger

?I was scouring your web page for the last few days and I find your whole bodybuilding philosophy impeccably straightforward and concrete. Keep up the no hype or gimmick, truthful, hard work ethic, focused and dedicated spirit!?

Marc Bedard

?Man, you are a wealth of information! I have studied most of the info out there on these subjects and you take it to a whole new level.?

Jonathan Craddock

?I have visited hundreds of sites and read hundreds of articles. Without a doubt, I enjoy and respect your advice and accomplishments above all. It’s nice to know that there is SOMEONE out there who is willing to tell you the way it is, no fluff! All I want is the truth and sound advice with visual results to back them up. You give me that!?

Ralph M. Stola

?Mr. Venuto, the content on your site is fantastic: lots of meat and little or no fat. As far as the help you’ve offered to me, your advice has been right on target every time. You were able to clearly and concisely answer questions that had other personal trainers scratching their heads. The fact that you do so while not shamelessly pushing supplements, books or even your professional services makes me even more enthusiastic about doing business with you and helping your efforts in any way I can. I also applaud your Natural-for-Life commitment.?

Darin J. Sahler

?I really like your Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets newsletter. It is right on point. No B.S. I also find it very motivational. Thanks for the great info (and it was FREE!!!)?

M Sgt John W. James, JR

?Tom, Great newsletter! Thanks for this info – it is very realistic without a lot of “hype? like, ?use my supplements they’re the best?, or ?use XYZ fat burner and get abs in 28 days!? You?re giving people a lot of information that I believe to be true and result producing.?

Larry Chmiel

“Your Bodybuilding & Fitness Secrets e-zine is a pleasure to receive and read each month. Just wanted to let you know that you’re the greatest – please keep on writing your wonderful, informative and motivational reports – they really do change lives.”

Kathy Klumpp

“I have recently discovered your website and I am absolutely thrilled with the integrity of your articles. I have done quite a bit of research on the net about exercise and nutrition, only to be quite disappointed in the vast array of advertisement junk out there. Thank you for providing such straightforward information with which I can educate myself.”

Alexandria Vo

“Just a short note to say thank you for taking the time to put together your bodybuilding newsletter; this was my first issue and it was packed with straightforward, no nonsense information that I was able to use immediately. Thanks Again!”


“I?ve discovered your site a few months ago and I must congratulate you! You?re the only one I know with a bodybuilding website that doesn?t promote the use of harmful drugs to get bigger. I also like the focus you give to real food instead of supplements.”

Aiken Drum

“Thank God for some common sense! Keep up the good work Tom!”

Andy G.

“Mr. Venuto, the way you share your knowledge and time so easily and freely is simply amazing! You make understanding a possibility, even on complex matters. And you do it with humor and wit.”

Charles Bean

“Keep up the good work! I always look forward to hearing from you. I find myself cutting, pasting and forwarding much of your newsletters to various friends facing different situations.”

Mark Anderson

“Your site has been a tremendous source of information and inspiration. You really seem to sincerely want to help people reach their fitness goals and be the best they can be. It’s very encouraging, and I’m grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge with newbies like me.”

Matt Cheney

“Thank you so much for writing back and answering my questions. It is very nice to know that you are a real person and not just a face on the back of a book.”

Brittney Welles

Thanks very much for taking the time to respond to my E Mail. Proves you are more than just a guru and consultant, but a gentleman.


“I’ve just been reading some of your Q&A’s and wanted to thank you for making clear so many of my own personal questions on some of the same old things that have been told, retold and glorified. You not only make sense but also make it understandable in layman’s terms.”

Linda S.

“At last someone who cares about helping other people who are just starting out.”

Les H.

“I really enjoy your web site. Super, non B.S., real world information! It’s great! None like it! I really appreciate you replying back to my questions. I know you must have a very busy schedule and I’m sure you probably don’t really have the time, and I do thank you for all the help.”