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You AreWhat You Want To Be.

Fitness Renaissance is a holistic approach service aiming to bring you the body of your dreams.

Change your life today

Some people lack the motivation to start looking after themselves. Some others go to gym on a regular basis, but they have no clue what they are doing. Even if they have a good program, their dieting drags them down. We are here to change all these.

Who is Chelsea?

70% the food you eat everyday

Metabolic strategies

What works for some people may not work for everyone else, mostly because people are different. We will analyze your metabolism and build a unique plan around it.

Specific conditions

We understand that certain medical conditions may stop you from achieving the body of your dreams – we have strategies to work around them.

Tonifying solutions

In terms of proportions, some people might be happy with their looks. Once their clothes go off, small imperfections show up here and there. Let us help you tonify your body.

Gym and workouts

We can create a gym routine – with or without equipment – with your work schedule and lifestyle necessities in mind.

Dieting strategies

You do not have to starve yourself to burn fat. In fact, you might need to eat more. We will plan your diet with nutrients in mind.

The right supplements

We will not advertise for certain supplements or products, but we can tell you what will help in the process – choosing the right brand is entirely up to you.

Simply put, we have the knowledge and experience to transform your body to 180 degrees based on your current situations, expectations and wishes.

What we do

Transformation stories


From our beloved clients


Fitness Renaissance – and especially Chelsea – has helped me shed about 30 pounds of fat and gain a bit of definition around my muscles. It was an excellent collaboration.

Mark Smith
Customer service

Thank you so much for helping me overcome a stagnating moment of my life. I go to gym almost daily, but I have not seen any results in ages.

Janie Evans
Food production

I know it might be difficult to reshape your body at my age, but Chelsea was extremely helpful. I got rid of excessive weight and my body has a good looking shape. Thank you!

Shauna Marks
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